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What is an e-commerce website development?

E-commerce also called electronic commerce. In e-commerce, people buy and sell products, goods, services and transfer the information, data and funds online. Websites or web portals those have the functionality to do e-commerce activities are called e-commerce websites and the process of developing these e-commerce web portals called e-commerce website development.

What are the necessary things to add while developing an e-commerce website?

If you are an e-commerce web developer or your are business man and wants to hire an company to developer e-commerce website or portal to show your business online then your planning should be perfect and you’re the design and functionality of your website or portal should better than your competitors to make your brand famous and to get better online visibility. Your should have fully-loaded marketplace Ecommerce website.

  • Design of your e-commerce website: Look of a website plays an important role if we talk about customer’s attraction. Every good design attracts customers to checkout at least once and same thing happens with websites at first look. Your graphics and images should be created with attractive colours; layouts should be according to end users interest.
  • Proper Web site Navigation: Navigation or interlinking of all web pages should user-friendly and SEO friendly. Web webpage should be interconnected with each other. If you are selling products, services or deals in information sharing, all pages should be viewable easily.
  • Fast loading speed: This is most important thing all e-commerce web developers need to focus on while developing Ecommerce websites. People like to visit the website those open in a browser very fast. If your ecommerce site takes lot of time to load, people will leave your website and land to another ecommerce website. Search engines also give the priority to websites those opens very fast.
  • Mobile Friendly ecommerce website: This is the era of mobile and internet. Lots of people use smart-phones with internet and make themselves comfortable by placing an online order to buy any product, services, of getting information. If your online e-Commerce portal is mobile friendly, it can give you big advantage and can convert visitors to a deal but if your online web store is not mobile friendly customers would not spend single second to leave that site. Finally e-commerce web stores or sites should be mobile friendly or responsive.
  • Proper payment gateway and checkout integration: payment gateway is an important part of any online shopping sites or e-commerce web portals. Online selling sites provides both options to make payment online or cash on delivery but there are many web portals those have only online payment options.
  • Use of Search Functionality: Every e-commerce websites should have option to search products, services or information on the same website. Search functionality help customers to find related products or information.
  • Make the Ecommerce web portal Secure: Secure web portals add the advantages to both customers and company even now a days Google and other search engine give extra priority to secure e-commerce web sites. To make your site secure you need to buy SSL certificate and to integrate HTTPS.
  • Optimization for SEO: Your web portal should be for search engines as well as human being. Optimized means your web portal should follow search engine guidelines while developing specially Google search engine. We need to optimize the portal to get high visibility in all search engines especially for Google search engine to increase the traffic.
  • Rating and Reviews: You should add functionality to give rating and reviews by customers so that every new visitor on website can know the experience of other customers.
  • Easy Catalog Management: This is important part of an ecommerce website. In this part everything should be structured well so that everything can be managed properly such as all categories, sub-categories, brands, products, URLs etc.
  • Blog: Adding blog on site can give you extra advantages. If you have blog activated on your web portal it means you can update new content and can provide latest updates and trends that is going on in the market that maters to your business.
  • Contact us page: Contact us page have an very important role for every website specially in case of an e-commerce website. Contact us page should have proper company address, auto email sender, contact us form, customer support number etc.
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The best e-commerce development company


Softhunters Technology Pvt. Ltd. have a team of highly experienced e-commerce website developers and develops ecommerce web portals using all necessary things and functions. Softhunters have  a long experience in designing online shopping sites and other e-commerce website in Jaipur, India and even have some potential clients out of India. SOFTHUNTERS have number of satisfied clients with their rating and reviews and already recommended as the best e-commerce website development company.

Technology used by softhunters to develop an e-commerce website

Softhunters e-commerce web developers use following technology to develop websites.

  1. .Net
  2. MVC
  3. PHP
  4. Drupal
  5. Shopify
  6. Magento
  7. Open Cart
  8.  WooCommerce
  9.  Wordpress etc.

E-commerce web development

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