15 Reasons Why Codeigniter Framework is preferable for Development


PHP is the most popular programming model for development. The toughest challenge in the IT Sector is to build a web application which covers all the aspects. There are 50+ PHP frameworks makes coding and programming easy. CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks in PHP which is used for developing a fully developed and functional website.

Here we mentioned 15 reasons which help you to choose the CodeIgniter framework over other PHP frameworks:

Open source

This framework is an open-source web development PHP framework that can simplify the tasks of programming and helps to solve the complex issues during the development of websites.

Reliable Framework

CodeIgniter is a reliable framework and It has many types of attributes that make it the best choice for experienced PHP developers to build PHP based website easily.

MVC Pattern

Codeigniter framework supports the Model View Controller pattern that helps PHP specialists to complete the website development and projects easily.

Light Weight & Efficient

It is the one and the only framework with a small footprint and light weighted, which ensures writing code without any blocks.

Faster Execution Time

As you know, Web development is one of the toughest tasks to do and the main factor of development is execution time. CodeIgniter framework has a quick execution time for project accomplishment.

In-built Security Function

CodeIgniter frameworks has In-built security function that helps PHP coders and developers to keep data confidential and works better.

User-Friendly Interface

It helps developers to built user-friendly interface in website development. It supports the developer to do coding with no unnecessary complexity found in other PHP frameworks during website development.

Less Coding Requirement

It has less coding tasks than other PHP frameworks.

No PHP Version Issue

There is no PHP Version Issue. CodeIgniter framework comes with the functionality which helps web developers to complete the tasks without any conflict and complexity.

Easy Error Handling

The main concern during development is handled complex errors and run the code without any blocks.

Convenient Template Solutions

It helps developers to develop a web project without taking the time to choose a design. A developer only thinks about the content to add in the project.

Cache Class Available

When we clicked on an option in a web development project, the results can be found from cache class. Cache class is available in the CodeIgniter framework.

Community Support

Any CodeIgniter developer can get community support. Website development specialists can share their skills and knowledge to solve all the issues in web development.

Huge Libraries Set

It has huge libraries set which makes it a strong and leading framework for web development.

Clear and Precise Documentation

CodeIgniter framework has clear and precise documentation. Developers have to think out of the Box with the help of clear and precise documentation available in the CodeIgniter framework in web development.

For these above-mentioned reasons, CodeIgniter framework can be acknowledged as an impressive PHP framework in different ways that simplify the tasks of PHP website development.

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